Jimmy's "Greeting Cards" "Jimmy's Greeting Cards" Presents ~*~Friendship Wings~*~(03)

I'm a dreamer, a story teller too
I'll share my heart, anytime, with you
And put on my wings
Then dance, as the breeze sings

Pirouette, to and fro, off I go
Into delightful laughter
For isn't it happiness ....
We all, chase after

A soul can be down
With a face wearing a frown
Can I help the sadness end
Offer my hand, as a friend

I have sad days too
But, you get me through
And spread your wings
Then speak of good and happy things

We're here for each other, without fail
And we know life is not a fairy tale
But we wear wings, the friendship kind
And lift each other's heart, dear friend of mine!

May 18, 2006
Kathryn Sunday Davis

Scripture from: Proverbs 27:9

Ointment and perfume delight the heart,
And the sweetness of a manís friend gives
delight by hearty counsel.

Friendship Quote:

It is not so much our friend's help us, that
gives us confidence but the knowledge that
they are there for us.

Used with permission. Please respect the
copyright on this poem and ask permission
from Kathryn if you wish to use it.






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