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Remember when we were kids,

The time we went next door,
And asked Miss Lilly for a dime?
My goodness your Mom seemed to think
We'd committed the ultimate crime!

Also the time you spent the night,
And we thought it would be fun,
To hide Dad's pants from him,
And he almost came undone!

Mom also came under attack
When we hid her rolling pin.
Whew ~~ she was upset for dayssss!
We never did that again!

Having you for a friend
Has always been so sweet.
I'm so glad that we have each other,
And so glad you live ~ just up the street!


Ecclesiastes 4: 9~10

Two are better than one; because they
they have a good reward for their labour.



Friendship Quote:

A lifetime friend is a mighty treasure who
fills your heart and life without measure.



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