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The Loveliest Friendship

There was a heart needing a friend,
God sent the best with full blessings,
Taught the value of loving true friends,
With sweet sanctified friendship lessons.

Melding the hearts as close as blood,
No one borne could love them more,
Sprinkled with God's own pure love,
These hearts true friends do adore.

Sensing the need of prayer,
Or the urge to just chat away,
God made each other aware,
Of the needed words to say.

Hearts with understanding,
Friendship's love without bounds,
The thoughts and words uttered,
To friends are the sweetest sounds.

© Gayle Davis
July 23, 2004

Scripture from: Romans 13:10

Love does no harm to a neighbor;
therefore love is the fulfillment
of the law.


Friendship Quote:

The wonder of friendship is not the
outstretched hand, Nor the kindly
smile, nor the joy of companionship; it
is the spiritual inspiration that comes
to one when they discover that someone
else believes in them and is willing to
trust them.

This is used with Gayle's permission.
Please respect the copyright and
contact her if you wish to use it!







Song "Changing Times"
This song was composed by Kim Cafarella
She also created the Midi file


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