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I miss you so much,
It seems you've been gone so long.
You took the joy from my heart,
And it's left without a song.

I wish you'd told me you were leaving,
And I wish you had of said good by.
Instead you just walked away,
Without giving me a reason why.

I wonder how I failed you,
Or did your love just fade away?
I'd like to know the reason,
You walked out of my life that day.

Will my heart mend in time?
Will the light shine again for me?
Will there ever be another,
That I can trust completely?

But those thoughts are far away.
Right now I miss you, oh so much.
How I'd love to hold you again,
And feel your loving touch.

Thursday, December 7, 2006


Mark 10: 9

What therefore God hath joined
together, let not man put asunder.






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