Jimmy's "Greeting Cards" "Jimmy's Greeting Cards" Presents ~*~For You My Lovely Sis~*~

For You My Lovely Sis,

Thank you for being with me now,
For always helping me,
Through distress and anxiousness,
For your sweet prayers that be.

You've shone me through Jesus' Touch,
I'm never alone, He's here,
Holding and caressing me,
How I love Him so dear.

His way is the Only Way,
Forever He's my Love,
Having my heart and my soul,
Lifting me up Above.

For You My Lovely Sis,

Used With Permission
Please do not take this poem
with out permission from Sondra
You can enjoy more of Sondra's poems at
"An Hour With You"


Music: "Picard's Flute"
Sequenced By: Bob Barnes
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Used With Permission