Jimmy's "Greeting Cards" "Jimmy's Greeting Cards" Presents~*~~~*~Thank You Friend~*~(99)


Never selfish, resentful or unkind,
That’s just you ~ friend of mine.
You're always there when I call.
And give of yourself ~ to one and all.

Your love for Jesus lights the way,
Through many long and hard days.
Encouraging regardless of how you feel,
You are a friend who is ideal.

A sharing friend you always are,
You radiate in my life, like a bright star.
Unfaltering, yet you're human too,
My heart friend ~ I'm so thankful for you.


Our Friendship is so playful
You put a smile in my heart!

1 Corinthians 13:8
Love never fails.










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Music "
Si Bheg Si Mhor
Sequenced By: Janis Wilson
Used With Permission

© Silver and Gold and Thee ~ All Rights Reserved ~...Melva