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A Friend Loves At All Times

Thank You Friend,

In good times a friend is there,
eager to share in your rejoicing.
A smile to each day, they will bring.
You'll know for you, they truly care.

A friend loves at all times...

In times of tribulation and sorrow,
on an earnest friend you can lean.
Though kind words they sincerely mean,
often just knowing that for you they pray,
joyfully leads you on to a brighter day.

A friend loves at all times...

Thank you being a friend at all times,
for holding me inside your attentive heart.
In good times and bad, I know you're there.
Because of you, my days are brighter,
and my load much easier to bear.

©TinasHeart 02/05/06

Thank You For Your Friendship and Love!

Proverbs 17: 17
A friend loveth at all times

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