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1 cupful milk
1 pint oysters
1 tablespoonful butter
Salt and pepper

Heat the milk in a double boiler;
add the seasonings and butter.
Clean the oysters;
cook them in a saucepan until they become plump and the edges curl.
Add the hot milk and serve at once.
The milk may be thickened with 1 tablespoonful of flour.

Serve crackers or bread with Oyster Stew.


Unless oysters are bought already opened, it becomes necessary to open them in the home before they can be served raw or cooked. To open oysters is not difficult, and with a little experience the work can be done with ease. It will be well to note that the two shells of an oyster, which are called 'valves', are held together by a single muscle, known as the 'adductor muscle', that lies near the center, and that this muscle must be cut before the shell will open readily. Before attempting to open oysters, however, they should be scrubbed with clean water, so as to remove any sand that may be on the shells. If the oysters that are being opened are to be cooked before serving, simply drop them with their liquid into a suitable vessel and discard the shells. Before using the oysters, remove them from the liquid, look them over carefully to see that no small particles of shells cling to them, and wash them in clean, cold water to remove any sand that may be present. Also, strain the liquid through a cloth, so that it will be free from sand when used in the preparation of the dish for which the oysters are to be used or for the making of soup or broth.




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